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 I am a Visual Artist whose main focus is painting , drawing , illustration and 3D Arts .Having born in Iran , I got  my Bachelor of Arts from Azad university of Art & Architecture in Tehran ,Iran but I  have lived  in Toronto for almost two years now. My Arts portray myself  and my relationships with others mainly focusing on how my imaginary world can look similar to my real life .

i have been teaching paintings , drawing and illustration to kids and teenagers for almost ten years . Also ,  I excel at 3D Arts including 3Dmax , V ray and rendering which I have been tutoring for long.

As a painter ,what really fascinates me is " myself ", "knowing myself" and "getting to know myself better" through creating Art .I dream a lot & sometimes I forget what parts of my life has been the reality & what has been the imaginary world or my dreams. .Therefore , the challenge of living in my imaginations and dreams versus living  in real life has been always a significant subject in my artworks .

I create games and challenges in my paintings and i like my audience to be part of it by playing with me ,breaking the rules of the play and mostly by trying to follow my rules in order to win the game .














2012     B.A.  painting Azad University of Art & Architecture Tehran, Iran






2017   " Civilization is madness" , group Exhibition , Ariana Art Gallery , Tehran , Iran

2017    "Chaos ",  group Exhibition , Ariana Art Gallery ,Tehran , Iran

2016    "ex-press" , group Exhibition , CIRCA100 Showroom , Vienna , Austria 

2014    "Voiceless" , Solo Exhibition , Atbin gallery ,Tehran , Iran

2009    "Manifestation of Feeling" , Group painting Exhibition, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran


2017   _   2018      Freelance interior designer , Tehran , Iran

2015  _   2017       Iran HFC (interior Designer ), Tehran , Iran

2015   _   2016      Pyramid Group office ( interior designer), Tehran , Iran

2012   _   2015       Golha kindergarten (painting and drawing instructor ), Tehran , Iran

2010   _   2012       Enghelab sport complex kids club (painting and illustrator instructor), Tehran , Iran

2009   _   2010      Pars Stone Industry office (interior designer ), Tehran , Iran

2008   _  2009       ZODIAC office (designing the construction of  exhibition booths ), Tehran , Iran

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